Phase ONE

Design Concept View

  • Meeting Designers to receive fundamental needs and expectations about the project. This is deemed to be an ongoing process throughout the direction of the design process.
  • To develop and established, in coordination with Client, Design Consultants and M&E Engineer suitable Lighting Concept and applicable Lighting.
  • To prepare presentation material to convey the Design Concept Review with basic illustration based on initial building concept by Designers. We present our ideas either by sketches or graphics for the needed areas after conceptual workout, in this presentation, our Clients can find the light traces, desired needs for the lighting levels, info about light sources and their usage techniques and info about the ideas on luminaires.

Phase TWO


  • To develop the concept into Details and relevant Layout Drawings. Luminaires are selected based on its quality and performance.
  • To prepare Lighting Control Schedules that shows grouping (looping) of Lighting Points and the proposed schedule of control including illumination levels.
  • To prepare an Electrical Loading Schedule, which in combination with the above, will serve as input to the M&E Consultant.
  • To prepare Final Lighting Layout Drawings, based on AutoCAD format, as provided by the Architect and ID, showing Lighting Point Layout, Setting Out and Lighting Control Circuits.
  • After review and acceptance by relevant consultants, the design document will be forward to Client’s approval.



  • To jointly prepare Final Luminaire selection into Cut-sheets for Tender Documentation after received the approval of Phase – 2.
  • Coordinate lighting design with relevant consultants, to confirm all details have been integrated within building construction.
  • To prepare Budget Estimate of the Lighting for approval by the Client and subsequently modify the Lighting Design if required, to suit the agreed budget before Tender Calling.
  • To prepare Final Technical Specifications for Tender Documentation/Procurement.
  • To review and evaluate tender submission and any other lighting variations.

Phase FOUR


  • To carry out periodic site inspection and coordination at site.
  • Attend to Client Consultant / Technical Meeting when necessary during the construction period.
  • Attend to queries and resolve problems related to lighting.
  • Shop Drawing Review and Approval, Quality Assurance Inspection, Review of Lighting Sample and Setting up mock up.
  • Review, check and comment on alternative light fitting proposal by contractor, such as samples, control equipment and shop drawings for compliance with the design intent and recognized code and standards.
  • To assist contractor in scene setting and adjusting of lighting level accordance to the ambience. One of our Designers will be available on site to self aim the lighting to intended design.
  • To assist contractor in carry out the Final Aiming, Testing & Commissioning to ensure the intended visual result is achieved.
  • To prepare defect list of the contractor installation works upon handover to the client at CPC and throughout DLP stage up to final Defect List upon expiry of DLP.
  • Evaluating Contractor claim only.
*RPDI services are provided under phases written below. Comprehensive services scope and proposal will be provided upon request.